Wedding Planning: Freshman Status


He popped the question and I burst into tears. It’s the normal reaction to this action, but I’ve literally been dreaming of it since I was a little girl so I call my tears “special.” I’ve been with an AMAZING man for the past four and a half plus years and still had no idea that this was coming. People look at me funny when I say that (mainly because I used to constantly tease him about it), but real-talk, I didn’t see it coming!

My boyfriend fiance proposed on the beach right after a family dinner. The sunset was perfect, his proposal was flawless, and I even got pictures!

After all of the hoopla and fun-in-the-sun at the beach, we returned home where I INSTANTLY started planning our perfect day. I bought tons of magazines, put together a homemade planning book, and permanently turned the TV to “Say Yes to the Dress” (that was nothing new). I couldn’t tell if my cat, Twix, was more interested in the wedding planning or my cheese dip, but I like to say she helped get the planning process going.


Creating a wedding planning binder has been a saving grace so far. It’s where I keep track of EVERYTHING.


Wedding Binder Recipe:


2-in Binder

8 plastic dividers with tabs

Extra paper dividers with tabs

Computer paper

Pretty colored pens/markers



Magazines– LOTS of magazines

How To:

I chose to have eight different sections in my binder, including: my timeline, contacts, the guest list, attire, the reception, photography, and contracts. I also have sub-tabs in some of these, but I’ll go into that later.

Before any of my tabs I have a master list, which is basically a condensed list of key information such as the wedding date, colors, officiant, caterer, etc.

 Timeline: this tab is basically the home to my checklist. As soon as I complete a task, it gets checked off and I no longer have to stress over it!

Contacts: Any important person or business (caterer, venue, etc.) is mentioned under this tab. It’s a reference page to email and telephone numbers so I will always know how to get in contact.

Guest List: Between the two of us, we have around 150 guests to invite. Soon I’ll be adding in addresses so I’ll have a go-to list while addressing Save the Dates and invitations.

Attire: This is my favorite tab! After I went through countless magazines, I took to cutting. If there is a wedding gown I love, it goes under the subsection, “Bride.” I also have a “Bridesmaids” as well as a “Groom/Groomsmen” sub-tab.

The Reception: This tab features subsections including “Venue,” “Decor,” “Food/Cake,” and “Music.” Once I visit a possible venue, all of the information I collect is hole-punched and slipped under the “Venue” sub-tab. The same will apply when I visit with caterers and cake bakers as well.  Though I haven’t started anything in the “Music” sub-tab, it will be a HUGE help once I start. If I hear a song I want played, I’ll be able to write it down and know exactly where it’s at!

The photography tab is basically a hand-held Pinterest board. It’ll serve as inspiration; If I ever see a photo I have to have taken at the wedding, it gets pasted in the photography section.

Contracts: This section is going to be a big help once I start making arrangements with vendors. By keeping them together in one spot, it will make things much easier.

Staying organized throughout this process is going to be my main objective. Between classes, two jobs, an internship, and wedding planning, I have no choice but to become slightly OCD.


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