A Walk in the Park… With Cameras

Things have been so busy here lately in Radford. I’ve been slammed with projects, papers, pictures, and work.

Speaking of pictures, Ian and I have received most of ours back from the photographers! How much did we pay you ask? Well, we paid a whopping $0. And how much are we going to pay for wedding pictures? As much as I want. Yep, you read that right.

Ian and I went to high school with a guy (ironically named Ian) who also attends Radford University as a Graphic Design major. He’s done quite a bit with photography and even introduced us to one of his design buddies, Zack, who also is fantastic with a camera! As if that wasn’t enough, one of the girls I work with has a photography-inclined girlfriend, Hayley, that agreed to take pictures as well. Hayley and Zack have been gracious enough to be our wedding photographers, and I am stoked! Of course I’m not going to let them do it for free.

I had our whole photo shoot planned (thanks Pinterest) with the perfect poses. Once we got to the site for our pictures, a beautiful public park here in Radford called Bissett Park, all of our photographers huddled around to look at the pictures I wanted. The last time I had my picture taken professionally was for my senior photos in high school and I was directed on exactly how I should pose. It was completely opposite on this occasion. At first it was extremely awkward. How do I pose? Does this look awkward? Am I awkward? Eventually Ian had to take over because I was too scared to tell my photographers what I wanted. Let me tell you, he was a pro! At one point he even told me, “Heather you’re the one who wants all of these pictures done in a certain way, speak up!” Once he took control though, it was the most fun I had had in a while.

Just like anything else in wedding planning on a budget, you’re going to have to compromise. You can either spend thousands upon thousands of dollars and receive top-notch direction for your photos, or you can pay close to nothing, hang out with great friends, act a little awkward, and still receive beautiful (REAL) pictures.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Is she just going to send us on our way without some sample engagement pictures?” Of course not! I would never!












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