Top 5 Ways to Save: Catering Edition

1. Go for heavy hor d’ourves. It’s a wedding, you shouldn’t be expected to dish out $20,000 to feed guests lobster tail and filet mignon (unless your filthy rich and I’m the guest, then I want that on my plate). For our reception, we’re choosing foods that remind you of a picnic, with a little flare.

burger sliders

fruit kabobs mac n cheese

jalepenos poppers  veggies

Just make sure you mention that your reception is hor d’ourves only and plan your wedding at a time later than the average dinner time. This gives guests a heads up and is a way to make sure guests don’t show up starved and looking for a full meal.

2. Purchase your own alcohol. Believe it or not, specialty stores such as Trader Joe’s have great prices on wine sales. Or go for no alcohol at all.

3. If you must have alcohol, stick to beer and wine only. Unless you really want your groomsmen climbing the walls to take a picture with a giant deer head mounted on the wall (yes, that’s a true story), say no to liquor.

4. SHOP AROUND. I cannot stress this enough. When you only speak with one caterer, you’ll never know if you’re getting a good price, because there’s absolutely no comparison. $4,000 may be in your price range, but you may be able to get a better deal.

5. Purchase your own dining ware. These days, you aren’t forced to make your guests eat off of white paper plates. offers a huge variety of decorative plates and plastic ware.

The website offers 120 of these plates for only $55.39.


And if you absolutely hate those white plastic forks, you can get 24 plastic but looks just like silver forks, 12 knives, and 12 spoons for $4.99.



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