A Sigh of Relief

What brings people together even quicker than two people falling in love? Food. What costs more money than we could ever imagine? Food.

Catering has proven to be the most difficult project in my wedding planning journey. I’ve emailed back and forth with more than 10 different caterers each giving me quotes ranging from $4,500 all the way to almost $9,000. RIDICULOUS RIGHT? After stressing over prices I decided to give the whole catering thing a rest until Thanksgiving break… which creeped up quick! I set up two appointments– one with a local caterer and the other with one about twenty minutes away which I met at a bridal show– to go over food choice and prices. When the day came, my mom and I were on a mission to get this taken care of.

The first lady we met, from Sister to Sister Catering in Bedford, VA,  just so happened to be the mother-in-law of a girl I grew up with! Plus ten points for her right off the bat. While we talked, she didn’t try to control the options, she let me tell her what I wanted. When she did give a suggestion, we were on the completely same page! When it came down the big question, I was so nervous, but here’s how the conversation played out:

Helen the Caterer: “What’s your budget.”

Me: “We’d like to stay under $3,500.”

Helen: “Um, okayyy.”

Me: “Can you give me an idea of what all of this will cost?”

Helen: “Not THAT much. It’s easy to get to the quantity, the cost pays mostly for the labor and time. Probably $1,500 no more than $2,000.”

Me: “OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE YOU.” (So I didn’t actually say that, but I’m sure that’s what my face said).

The second caterer we met with ended up doing far more than just catering. By the end of our session, we had over 2 and a half pages of ideas from catering, to flowers, to decor, and even cake! I didn’t get a rough quote, but I’m expecting one soon.

We know that catering will be the most expensive thing we will purchase for this wedding, but going in we honestly weren’t expecting $6,000. Meeting with Helen from Sister to Sister Catering saved my reception as well as my mom’s wallet.

(Speaking of my mom, here’s a picture of us before our Thanksgiving meal!)



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