Top 5 Ways to Save: Invitation Edition

1. Do it yourself. If you have and are familiar with Adobe InDesign or any other design software, I highly recommend that you try making your own invitations. It’s more personal and most likely you will save in the long-run. If you aren’t comfortable designing them yourself, sit down with a friend who has the experience and is willing to help. Pinterest can be a HUGE help for getting ideas here too!

2. Students, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR PRINTING SERVICES DEPARTMENT (if you have one). Here at Radford University, our off campus printing services allows students to print just about anything at an extremely low price per print. 

3. Take advantage of your smartphone. There’s this super cool new app, Touchnote, out that you can actually upload a picture, enter an address, write a message, then input your credit card info and it actually sends a postcard to the address(s) you entered. No waiting in line at the post office for tons of stamps and no taking hours addressing and putting stamps on envelopes!



4. Don’t waste money on a calligrapher. Instead, enlist your family and bridesmaids to hand-write addresses. If you prefer beautiful cursive, print addresses on their envelopes in the font of your choice and with high transparency, then trace!

5. Stay away from square. Here’s a little known fact: Square envelopes cost extra than the norm because they are classified as an “odd-size.” No bride wants to get charged an extra fee! 


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