For the Pinterest Bride-to-Be

Before I was actually engaged, I had five Pinterest boards for my future wedding (doesn’t every girl?). One for wedding dresses, the second for engagement rings, another for photography, the third for bridesmaid dresses, and one for general wedding stuff. Together I had pinned over 1,000 pins.

I would talk with my friends who shared the same bridal obsession about our pins and would gawk over the ones that we would definitely feature at our weddings.

Everyone could see each and every pin I pinned and I hadn’t realized it until I got engaged, but I don’t want everyone to see exactly what I plan to have at my ceremony and reception. There would be no sense of surprise once my guests arrived.

When people (at least people like me) are invited to a wedding they wonder, “What will the bride look like,” “What kind of décor will there be?” That’s one of my favorite things about weddings; the sense of surprise. When the double doors swing open after the flower girl has set the aisle with flowers, I FINALLY get to see the bride in white.

Pinterest can be a great tool while planning your wedding. If you’re like me and prefer not to show the world your wedding before the big day, you’re in luck! Pinterest has this nifty new feature called “secret boards.” Anything you post to your secret board is for your eyes only.

Happy wedding planning, Pinterest Brides!


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