…While We’re on the Topic of Social Media


Most of us are familiar with the app, but what some may not know is you can incorporate it into your wedding. With the use of a hashtag (#) you and your guests can create a stockpile of pictures pre, during, and post-wedding. I know I plan on doing it, but there are always pros and cons to each choice you make.


  • While your professional photographer is busy taking fabulously posed pictures of you and your new hub, your guests are taking awesome candid photos behind the scenes.
  • You can order prints (even framed ones!), photobooks, posters, stickers, and more from this nifty site: http://printstagr.am/ of the photos that are added to your hashtag.
  • Everyone can easily look at all of the pictures by simply looking up the hashtag on Instagram.


  • That hideous picture of you where you were crying with the most unattractive face, yea it’s there until you can bribe your Uncle Joe to take it down.
  • Unless they have an Instagram account, your Grandma Betty can’t see the pictures.
  • Some guests may become so consumed with posting the best Instagram photo of the big kiss, that they interfere with the professional photographer who was actually hired to do that job.

I’m all for the Instagrammed wedding. I find it way classier and subtle than the old disposable camera idea. Plus, you don’t have to drop a single penny on supplies. What about you, are you pro or con an Insta-wed?

In case you wonder how to inform all of your guests of your specific hashtag, here are some cute ideas!

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