Ditch the Professionals

If you’re truly on a strict budget and are willing to stray from professionals– listen up.

Welcome to the future. Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the 21st century and in case you haven’t noticed technology has significantly advanced. Tablets and smartphones have become a key ingredient for the budget wedding. You can find apps for just about anything, from photo booths that lock your iPad so guests can’t hack your Facebook to an app that lets you virtually try on engagement rings.

Here are 2 DIY apps that I’ve considered for my wedding:

1. MyWeddingDJ for iPhone, iPod, iPad: Just add a boisterous friend to do the announcing. This app allows you to set up your songs under playlists (processional, cocktail hour, dancing, etc.), take requests from guests, and even add crossfades. PRICE: $5 (SAY WHAT?!). Check out some of the features here http://www.steamclock.com/weddingdj/

2. Wedding Booth for iPad: If you’re a bride-to-be who’s must have list includes a photobooth, consider this DIY alternative. The Wedding Booth app allows you to customize the app to match your wedding colors and guests can even leave a guestbook message with their photo. Price: $9.99. Watch the video of more features here http://www.weddingboothapp.com/

Congratulations, you just paid $15 for your DJ and photobooth. You’re welcome 🙂



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